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Israel SIM Passover Specials

Israel SIM Plans Passover Specials

Israeli SIM Card - NES Mobile

Israel SIM Card

  • Unlimited Calls & Unlimited Texts to Israel, USA & Canada
  • Unlimited Data – 10 GB of Fast LTE 4G Data (after 10GB speed may slow down)
  • Israel SIM Card $7.95/day Now just $6.50/day + VAT

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Passover Gift Specials – Get 2 FREE Power Banks – Yours to keep

Get 2 power banks with 2 Israel sim cards - NES MobileWhen traveling to Israel portable power banks are essential, especially if you plan to do a lot of time walking and hiking. After just a few hours of messaging, picture or video taking, navigating and exploring, your phone’s battery can plunge into single digits with not a single outlet nearby. Fortunately, you can now power your telephone from your pocket with 2 free power bank gifts from NES Mobile.

Order two lines or more from NES Mobile, and Get 2 Robust 10,000 mAh power bank batteries, yours to keep even after your trip to Israel. Order any combination of two lines: Israel SIM card, Pocket Wi-Fi with unlimited Data in Israel to receive your power bank.

Promo Details:

  • You must sign up for two lines or more by April 1, 2017.
  • Order must be placed at least a week prior to the service start date.
  • Each additional line entitles you to an additional power bank.
  • NES Mobile reserves the right to cancel this promotion at any time, or while supplies last.

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Israel SIM 4G – Student Plan 20GB Data

4G Israel SIM 20GB data upgrade - NES MobileNES Mobile is happy to offer students in Israel an upgrade to their Israel SIM card student plan with UNLIMITED calls, text and 20GB of data.

Get 14GB for Just $5!

If you’re currently a student and wish to upgrade, simply send an email to asking to upgrade to the 20GB plan.

  • If you’re already on the international text plan for $35 – Upgrade for an additional $4.95/month and get an additional 14 GB / month of data for a total of 20GB/month of data.
  • If you’re on the $29.95 plan, for an additional $10 you’ll get:
    • Additional 14 GB / month of data for a total of 20 GB of data.
    • Unlimited international texts.

Israel SIM Card – Student 20 GB Plan

  • Unlimited Data – 20 GB of  Fast Data (speed slow down after reaching  20 GB)
  • Unlimited incoming calls and texts
  • Unlimited outbound calls to Israel & N. America
  • Unlimited outbound global text
  • Unlimited incoming calls and texts
  • All for Just $39.95 / month + VAT

Subject to NES Mobile regular terms and conditions which can be seen on the NES Mobile site.

4G LTE Network Israel SIM Card from NESMobile

4G LTE Network Israel SIM Card from NESMobile

Stay Connected With an Israel SIM Card and Pocket Wi-Fi


Take your android phone or iPhone with you when you travel to Israel. All you need is a 4G Israeli SIM card from NES Mobile. This Israel SIM card is ideal because it operates on a 4G LTE network offering you the fastest internet speeds in the country.


5 Tel Aviv Strolls for Tourists

Tel Aviv is a city of great beauty, complex cultures, and rich history. It lies next to the Mediterranean Sea and is the second largest city in Israel. It is home to over 400,000 people and it receives more than one million foreign visitors each year. Founded in 1909, this city has many interesting attractions. While there are so many attractions in Tel Aviv, here are some recommended points of interest for Tel Aviv strolls for tourists.

The Tel Aviv Beaches

Bike-riding-tel-Aviv-beach-nes-mobileIn 2010, National Geographic ranked the beaches of Tel Aviv as the ninth best beaches in the world. The city has 13 official beaches, but some tourism experts recognize as many as 16 different beaches. Some of the most widely known ones include Hilton Beach, Banana Beach, Mezizim Beach, Jerusalem Beach, and Gordon Beach. Visit Tel Aviv so that you can enjoy the scenic beauty of its beaches.

Old Jaffa

Jaffa TEL AVIV - YAFO, ISRAEL -Panoramic view of Old Yafo and ancient port - NES mobileOld Jaffa was an ancient port city whose history dates as far back as 7500 BC. It was of great value to military conquerors because of its’ raised position, which gave war generals’ a clear view of the coastline. Some of the civilizations that conquered this port city included the Egyptians, Romans, Ottomans, and the British. You can visit museums in Old Jaffa to see exhibitions of excavated items from these respective eras.

Rothschild Boulevard

Rothchild - tel aviv-israel- nesmobileStrolling along the green and lush Rothschild Boulevard resembles going on a history tour, coupled with the splendor and wealth of Tel Aviv. This street is a reflection of Israel’s past, present, and future. You can examine the architecture, or stop for an espresso or dinner at one of the numerous coffee shops and restaurants on the boulevard. Built in 1909, this first kiosk of Tel Aviv is still there and it is a major tourist attraction.

Rothschild boulevard - people walking - tel aviv-israel- nesmobileRothschild Boulevard got its name from a French member of the Rothschild banking dynasty who was an ardent supporter of the settlers of Israel. Major corporations that have offices in this street include HSBC Bank, First International Bank, Julius Baer Group, and Bloomberg LP. Moreover, art galleries line up Rothschild Boulevard. Some of these galleries include the Sommer Contemporary Art and the Alon Segev Gallery.

Neve Tzedek

Historical building in Tel-Aviv - Neve Zedek-NES MobileA group of families moved out of Old Jaffa because of overcrowding at the port city. These families established Neve Tzedek in 1887. Today, it is one of the most fashionable streets in Tel Aviv. You can find numerous shopping malls, boutiques, and jewelry stores in Neve Tzedek. You can also find restaurants and cafes in this neighborhood. Another thing that Neve Tzedek offers you is the beauty of its’ architecture. There are various architectural styles found in Neve Tzedek, including Bauhaus designs. Moreover, you can visit the Suzanne Dellal Center for Theater and Dance. This center has performances from some of the best dance troupes in the world.

Hacarmel Market

Carmel Market Shuk HaCarmel in Tel Aviv, Israel- nesmobileHacarmel market is the ideal place for you if you love mingling with the local people during your travels. Here, you will find vendors selling various items including art, crafts, and jewelry. Buying a souvenir to take it back with you is an excellent idea. You can also purchase flowers for your travel companion. Home accessories are available if you need them. Moreover, you can eat the indigenous foods that are available in any restaurant within this market.

Stay Connected with a 4G Israel SIM Card

Israeli SIM Card - NES Mobile

Israel SIM Card

Stay connected when you visit Israel and stroll the streets of Tel Aviv. Making sure that you have a 4G Israel SIM card with you is critical because it will help you when it comes to communicating with your loved ones anywhere in the world. Get if from NES Mobile today so that you speak to them at low costs.


10 Travel Tips for People Visiting Israel for the First Time

Israel is one of the most fascinating countries to visit. With its rich history and religious significance as the holy land for Jews, Christians, Muslims, Bahai and others. It is also a hub of innovation and technology. Visiting Israel helps you understand its history as you appreciate its diversity. Here are 10 travel tips for people visiting Israel for the first time.

  1. Shabbat (Sabbath) Prepare Well For Fridays and Saturdays

One of the Ten Commandments is to keep the Sabbath holy, and as such most Israelis do not work on Saturdays, and devout Jews do not drive and refrain from other prohibitions. Instead, the day is spent as a day of worship and rest with the family. The vast majority of businesses will close from sundown late afternoon on Friday to early evening on Saturday. You should buy everything you need and go wherever you want to go before that the Sabbath starts. Virtually all public transportation also comes to a halt during the Sabbath.

  1. Dressing Appropriately Is a Good Idea

Israel is a highly westernized nation. People are free to dress the way they like. However, there are areas in Israel that have a dress code, namely religious centers such as synagogues, churches, and mosques. Out of respect, tank tops are not recommended for either men or women in such locations. Women are advised to wear long skirts or dresses, and men are required to cover their heads when entering synagogues.

  1. Research on Current Conflicts

Israel has a robust police force in addition to one of the best military forces in the world. If you are planning on traveling to areas controlled by the PA (Palestinian Authority) it is recommended to meet with an Israeli tour guide and do your research first.

  1. Understand the Israeli Public Transport System

Israeli train - public transportBuses are the principal form of transportation in Israel. You can catch one at a central station, which serves hundreds of bus routes. You can also travel by train which is constantly growing the number of routes. Additionally, Israel has a unique form of transportation known as Shereut Taxis. Sherut Taxis are vans that carry ten passengers or less.

  1. Go on a Wine Tour

Israel wine tour green vineyard and blue sky in Israel - nes mobileWine production in Israel is an ancient practice. For example, the Bible mentions vineyards and wines multiple times. Baron Rothschild revived the wine industry in Israel in the late 1800s. Today, Israel produces 10 million bottles of wines annually. You can tour several places famous for wine production including the Golan Heights, Galilee, the Judean Hills, the Shomron region and the Negev desert.

  1. Shvil Israel – The Israeli Countryside

Shvil Israel Gilboa - Nes MobileDid you know that Israel has a National Trail called Shvil Israel? This trail covers the entire nation i.e. from its border with Lebanon to its southernmost tip that is next to the Red Sea. It is 1,100 km long and it would take you 45 days to complete it. It is so scenic that National Geographic listed it as one of the 20 epic trails in the world.

  1. Create Some Space for Souvenirs

souvenirs israel - nesmobileCarrying excessive luggage is not a good idea because you would not have adequate space for souvenirs as you return home. Remember, Israel has some of the best market bazaars in the world. The Ben Yehuda Street pedestrian mall in Jerusalem is full of souvenir stores. Here, you will find Judaica, woodcarvings, pottery, and hand-blown glass among other unique things. The flea market in Jaffa, Tel Aviv offers a range of goods such as pottery, ornaments made from copper or brass, shawls, scarves, and jewelry.

  1. Take Photographs Cautiously

You can take photos of anything in Israel except pictures of sites that are of strategic importance to the State of Israel. These sites include military installations, major transport facilities, and government buildings. Taking photos at the Western Wall on the Sabbath is also improper.

  1. Claim Your Tax Refund at the Ben Gurion Airport

Tel Aviv, Ben Gurion Airport, Departure Hall - Free Wifi

Picture Credit Vladislav Bezrukov – Flickr: Tel Aviv, Ben Gurion Airport, Departure Hall

Israel imposes a 17% tax on goods sold within the country, but it does not apply to tourists who purchase goods that are worth $100 and more. However, you cannot claim your refund at the point of sale. Instead, you have to do so at the Ben Gurion Airport. More specifically, you have to do it at departure hall in Terminal 3. Claiming this refund is difficult if you do not present three things to the officials there namely the item you bought, the receipt confirming the purchase, and tax-refund invoice. For more info on Israeli VAT refund click here.

  1. Stay Connected With an Israel SIM Card and Pocket Wi-Fi

Pocket Wifi Unlimited Data in Israel

Carry your android phone or iPhone with you when you travel to Israel. You just need an Israeli SIM card from NES Mobile. This Israel SIM card is ideal because it operates on a 4G LTE network offering you the fastest internet speeds in the country.

It is also good for you because you keep your contacts, apps, and personal information on your smartphone. Moreover, you get use to the Pocket Wi-Fi hotspot offered by NES Mobile.4G LTE Network Israel SIM Card from NESMobile

Unlimited Data When Traveling to Israel

If you travel to Israel or elsewhere overseas and require truly unlimited data to stay connected, you have several alternatives to consider. You can use your local mobile service provider, but in all likelihood, the service will be slower abroad, will have a data cap, and your mobile provider may charge you high roaming rates for data use outside of the USA. However, there’s no need to let this discourage you from checking your emails or streaming content while on your Israel trip or international travels, because an affordable alternative exists in the form of using a pocket WiFi router and an Israeli SIM card.

What is a Pocket WiFi Router?

Pocket Wifi Unlimited Data in IsraelA pocket WiFi router is a small portable device (usually about the size of a credit card, and as thick as a smartphone) that creates a “WiFi hotspot” so that you can connect wireless-enabled devices to the internet. Some people often refer to it as a MiFi or portable hotspot.

How many devices can be connected simultaneously to the pocket WiFi?

Hand holding smartphone with wifi connection in internet cafe-nes mobile

When considering a portable wireless router, you will want to evaluate the number of wireless devices you plan to have it connected to simultaneously and be sure that the router you choose will be sufficient for these needs. Most devices allow for 5-10 connections at once. We don’t recommend using more than 5 at once, as more users sharing the bandwidth reduces the data speed for each user. Be sure to keep your data secure with a pocket WiFi network password or key, so that strangers will not be able to use it. All the NES Mobile pocket WiFi devices come with a WiFi key password protection.

What’s the Pocket WiFi Speed? Is it Fast 4G LTE Pocket WiFi or Slow 2G?

4G LTE Network Israel SIM Card from NESMobile

4G LTE Network Israel SIM Card from NESMobile

The two most important factors that will determine your data speed are the network provider’s service and the pocket WiFi device capabilities. As 4G LTE is becoming more readily available throughout Israel and the rest of the world, you will want to be sure that your pocket WiFi router will support 3G and 4G LTE data SIM cards. Many USA providers state that one can use their data plans abroad. However, some providers only offer 3G or 2G speeds and have a data cap of just a few GB. The NES Mobile pocket WiFi service offers truly UNLIMITED high-speed data in Israel (we had some customers use up as much as 80 GB in one month…).

How to Get Unlimited Data When Traveling to Israel?

If you don’t come to Israel more than once a year, you’re better off renting the pocket WiFi device from NES Mobile that already comes with an unlimited Israeli Data SIM all set for your Israel travel needs, and can be delivered for free in the USA prior to your departure.
el-aviv-yafo-israel-panoramic-view-of-old-yafo-and-ancient-port-euo-nes-mobileIf you’re traveling to other locations, an international Data SIM card is a can be purchased prior to embarking on your overseas journey and be used in mobile devices, including pocket WiFi routers, while traveling. The rate you
will pay for data use will depend on the rates for the country you are traveling in, but will almost always be cheaper than using the service provider you use in your home country.

Another consideration when choosing an international SIM card is the process for adding more data should you run out and, on a related note, how long your data will be available if you happen not to use it all on your trip. This consideration is especially important if you plan to continue traveling overseas in the future. If you are going to be traveling to more than one country, you will find an international SIM card especially handy because you will not need to change the card as you cross borders and you will be able to use the phone number regardless of where you are in the world.

 Should I Buy or Rent a pocket WiFi?

There are several types of pocket WiFi routers available and the features you will want or need will be dependent upon your individual situation. The first thing you will want to consider is whether you wish to buy or rent a pocket WiFi router for use while traveling to Israel or to other destinations.  If you don’t travel that often, you’re better off renting the pocket WiFi device that already comes with an Israeli Data SIM and is all set for your needs. However, if you travel frequently to several countries, you may want to buy one, and use it with an international SIM card when traveling to other countries. If you wish to buy a pocket WiFi device, be sure to check whether or not the device is “locked” by a wireless service provider. If it is in fact locked, you will not be able to use an alternative SIM card until the device is unlocked by the service provider. Once you are sure that your WiFi router is unlocked, you will be able to use it with an international SIM card.

One Common Pocket WiFi Weakness – Battery Life

Another important factor to consider when acquiring a portable WiFi router is battery life, especially if you are going to be using it a lot in places where you may not be able to find an outlet to charge it. Most pocket WiFi devices hold a charge of 2-5 hours. Therefore, it is recommended to have a car charger and a wall plug readily available. If you plan to be off the beaten path without accessibility to a car charger or a wall plug, you should consider getting a power bank as a backup.

About NES Mobile & Unlimited Data in Israel

Hopefully, after reading this article, you have a better idea of your options for staying connected while on your international travels. A pocket WiFi router with an international SIM card is one excellent way of staying connected and now that you know what to consider when purchasing each device you can find the solution that is best for your situation and needs. You can see our Israel Pocket WiFi plans for short-term visitors, as well as plans for long-term visitors on our site.

NES mobile is an Israel Pocket Wifi provider offering Israel phone, Israel SIM card, and Israel WiFi internet plans.

For international SIM cards, please visit PoloSim.

4G LTE Israel SIM Card Holiday Special

If you’re planning on traveling to Israel for the upcoming holidays, plan ahead and take advantage of the NES Mobile Israel SIM Card Holidays Special.

Get 4G LTE Israel SIM Card Unlimited Plan – Just $6/Day

  • Get UNLIMITED 4G LTE data
  • Get unlimited calls to and from the USA
  • Get Unlimited calls to and from Israel
  • Get Unlimited texts to and from Israel
  • FREE Israel SIM card delivery & pickup options across the USA & Israel.
  • Just $6/day + VAT

Get the Israel SIM Card for just $6 / Day + VAT
Sign Up by September 28, now EXTENDED till October 10, 2016 

No need for coupon codes, just sign up by Wednesday, September 28, October 10, 2016, and the discount will be automatically applied to your account. No Deposits!   No Insurance!   No Hidden Fees!

Israel SIM Card Special – Other Info, Terms & Conditions:

  • Unlimited data at 4G LTE speeds.

    4G LTE Network Israel SIM Card from NESMobile

    4G LTE Network Israel SIM Card from NESMobile

  • There’s No need to return the Israel SIM Card! the NES Mobile Israel SIM card is yours to keep, and you can just keep it for future trips to Israel.
  • You’re only charged for the days of the service you signed up for in Israel, even if you receive the Israel SIMs or Devices several days in advance!
  • FREE Delivery & Pickup options across the USA & Israel.
  • Multiple SIMs or Devices in one shipment are considered one shipment.
  • Limited Time Sales Offer.
  • Limited availability while supplies last.
  • NES Mobile reserves the right to cancel this special sale at any time.

Pocket WiFi Router with Unlimited Data in Israel

Pocket Wifi Unlimited Data in IsraelA pocket WiFi router is a small (about the size of a small basic Nokia phone), portable device that creates a “WiFi hotspot” so that you can connect wireless-enabled devices to the internet. While in Israel you can connect up to 5 devices (laptops, phones, iPads or tablets, etc.) to the NES Mobile pocket WiFi.

The NES Mobile pocket WiFi comes with UNLIMITED data in Israel, so you can download as much data as you need. Please note that some providers only provide 5-10GB of fast data, and then slow down the data speed dramatically. However, NES Mobile’s pocket WiFi allows customers to download as much as 80 GB of data (in some cases even more). You can find out more about our Israel pocket wifi on our site:

About NES Mobile

NES Mobile is a leading provider of Israel phone rentals, Israel SIM cards and pocket WiFi services for tourists visiting Israel.


Israel Phones and Israel SIM Cards for Students

Students traveling to Israel for a semester or longer should order their local Israel phones ahead of your trip. NES Mobile offers Israel phones and Israeli SIM cards with dependable network coverage, and a friendly English speaking customer service. Take advantage of our student EARLY BIRD SPECIALS! Order by July 31, 2016 and SAVE money. Free shipping is available in the USA, so you could have your Israel phone or SIM card prior to your departure.

Israel Phone UNLIMITED 4G Israel SIM Card Student Plan

  1. Israeli SIM Card - NES MobileUnlimited incoming calls from anywhere
  2. Unlimited incoming texts from anywhere
  3. Unlimited outbound calls to Israel
  4. Unlimited outbound calls to USA & Canada
  5. Unlimited outbound texts to Israel
  6. Unlimited Data – (speed slow down after reaching 6GB)
  7. OPTIONAL – Unlimited international Text – Add $5/month
$29.95 / MONTH + VAT  

Virtual USA Number – Early Bird Special Just $5/Month* SIGN UP NOW!

Israel Pocket WIFI  with UNLIMITED Data Student Plan

  1. Pocket Wifi Unlimited Data in IsraelPocket WiFi wireless router with UNLIMITED DATA – NOT SLOW DOWN AT ALL!!!
  2. Fast 4G/3G connection throughout Israel.
  3. Mobile WiFi hotspot connects to 5 devices at once.
$69.95 / MONTH + VAT
Early Bird Special ONLY $65/MONTH + VAT* SIGN UP NOW!

Israel SIM & Pocket WiFi COMBO Special SAVE $25 /Month

  1. Unlimited SIM CardPocket Wifi Unlimited Data in Israel4G LTE Network Israel SIM Card from NESMobile
  2. Unlimited international Text
  3. Virtual USA number
  4. Unlimited 4G Pocket WiFi

* See site for details: WWW.NESMOBILE.COM/STUDENT  Please enter promo code STUDENT16  in the NOTES section right under the Delivery information.

About NES Mobile

NES mobile is the leading provider of Israel phones and SIM cards. NES Mobile offers long term plans for students and other long-term visitors (no need for student IDs). We offer free shipping in the USA for SIM cards, Israel phones, and Pocket Wifis, so sign up with us today to get the best deals.

For international SIM cards, please visit PoloSim.

Birthright Israel

Right now you are probably all excited about the 10 day Birthright Israel trip you are going to take. You are looking forward to a trip which will take you on a journey into both Jewish history and into the modern Jewish state. Birthright Israel provides travelers with Israeli peers to give you a genuine Israeli experience. Over the 10 days, you will see key landmarks of national, archaeological and historical significance that still, after many millennia, shape Jewish life. As a traveler of Jewish origin, you’ll get to explore Israel’s varied landscapes, as well as the opportunity to explore Israel’s arts, culture, science, environmental initiatives and technology. The trip will enable you to further explore the core values that have been part of Judaism throughout the ages.

Your Birthright Israel Trip

The journey is designed to make the traveler part of an ongoing continuum of Judaism among overseas-born and Israeli young adults. During the journey, you will be able to associate the Jewish past, the Jewish present and the Jewish future. Birthright Israel, in an educational format, wants to strengthen Jewish identity and Jewish communities by showing young Jewish adults from around the world what it means to be a Jew living in Israel.JERUSALEM ISRAEL, DamascusGate, BirthrightIsrael, Nes mobile

The object of the 10-day trip is to help motivate young people to explore their Jewish identity, garner their continued support for Israel and hopefully, to initiate some long-lasting connections with Israelis that can be continued after they return home. Birthright Israel is also involved in promoting active roles in Jewish organizations and follow-up activities for younger Jewish people worldwide. Currently, thanks to Birthright Israel, over half a million young Jews have participated in the exploratory trip of their homeland for a life-changing experience.

After travelers return home to North America, they are introduced to other alumni and young leaders’ campaigns in their local areas and encouraged to participate further in exploring their connection to Israel and the Jewish people. They particularly are encouraged to take part in learning experiences, volunteering and other community-based organizations. They are also encouraged to make further trips back to Israel to strengthen their bond with people they met in Israel and with the Jewish state.

Israel Phone for Your Birthright Israel Trip

One important thing that most travelers will need to prepare for their 10-day trip is to acquire some way that they can keep in contact with their families back home, without spending a fortune. Most people, in seeking a low-cost solution, would probably think to either buy a new phone with a new SIM card on arrival in the country they will be traveling to, or if your phone is already unlocked and has multiple sim card slots you might think of buying another SIM card on arrival for local use – but there is a better and easier way!israel 4G SIM - Birthright Israel - NES Mobile

For your Birthright Israel trip, it would probably be best to buy one of the short term NES Mobile Israeli SIM card packages. NES Mobile has two very good plans which are SIM card only, but of course you can add a phone if you want. These are billed on a daily basis. The base plan you are looking at will cost $6.50 per day plus VAT. The beauty of these Israeli 4G SIM cards is they also allow you to call landlines and mobiles not only in Israel but in the US and Canada.

Pocket WiFi for Your Birthright Israel Trip

NES Mobile Israel Pocket WiFi Mobile Hotspot - Unlimited Internet -MiFi

As well as having Sim cards available for use in Israel, NES Mobile has a pocket WiFi which allows unlimited Internet from anywhere in Israel. You can connect up to five devices to it at once. It uses a fast 3G/4G connection and you don’t need any insurance or deposit fees. This can also be purchased as a package with an Israel SIM card at a daily rate. All of these are available with free delivery by Amazon.


WiFi in Israel

Open unlimited WiFi in Israel is one of those little extravagances that can make touring more comfortable. Sadly, some hackers will attempt to utilize public WiFi to prey upon unsuspecting users. Here are some tips on what to pay special attention to when utilizing open WiFi.

Password Protected Pocket WiFi in Israel with TOTALLY UNLIMITED Data (for 5 simultaneous users)

NES Mobile’s Pocket WiFi Hotspot offers 3G/4G unlimited data services, that can connect up to 5 users at any given time. Unlike other providers that slow down the connection after a few Gigs, WiFi in Israel-NES MobileNES Mobile’s pocket WiFi in Israel offers a secure password protected device with truly unlimited data. Some customers actually used over 50 GB without experiencing any slowdown. For more info see: Students and other long-term Pocket WiFi Rentals, or the Tourists short-term plans Pocket WiFi Rentals.

Using an Israeli SIM as a Hotspot

Some people choose to use their Israeli SIM in their phone and then use it as a hotspot. It’s an excellent option for those who just need to use their cell phonesisrael-sim for Wifi in Israel, or possibly do some work in their hotel room later in the day.

If you’re planning on using your cell as a hotspot keep in mind:

  • Cell providers in Israel “throttle” the data (regulate and reduce the internet speed). Depending on the cell provider, web speed after utilization of a few GB will, most likely, dramatically, slow down.
  • If you’re using your cell phone as a hotspot, please note it will severely consume your battery, so be sure to stay connected to a power source while using your phone as a hotspot.

Beware of Using Open Free WiFi in Israel (or Anywhere Else for that Matter)

Free open WiFi permits users to interface with a hotspot which is open and free for all to utilize. Such open systems are frequently found in hotel lobbies, coffeehouses and some tour buses. Hacking into another device on an open free WiFi system is not that straightforward, but it’s pretty easy for a hacker to intercept your data if the right precautions are not taken. See some of the recommendations on how to better protect your device on public WiFi.

So Am I Protected if the Open Free WiFi Network is Password Protected?

NO… Utilizing a secret key on an open WiFi system will keep individuals who don’t have a network password from logging in, and it does mitigate the threat. Nonetheless, that doesn’t mean you’re shielded from other people who are associated with the same system and have the skill to hack into your device.

In conclusion:

  • Using an Israeli SIM for data is sufficient for those who are not heavy data users.
  • If you’re an above-average user of data, or you are coming on a trip with a few people, rent a mobile hotspot that is password protected and can work with 5 users simultaneously.
  • Avoid open WiFi networks.

About us:

NES mobile is an Israel phone mobile provider offering Israel SIM card and WiFi in Israel. For international SIM cards, please visit PoloSim.

Boost Cell Phone Battery Life

We’ve all been there. It’s only half-way through the day when you look down at your smartphone and realize that you have used most of your cell phone battery life. It doesn’t have to be that way though. This article will give you some tips on how to increase the life of your cell phone battery, particularly for those traveling the world using NES Mobile Israel SIM, or other International SIM cards.

13 Ways to Increase Your Cell Phone Battery Life

1. Connect to Wi-Fi:

Israel-pocket-wif-iMifi-Unlimited-Internet-NES-Mobile-comp4G and Bluetooth are data hogs. One way to not only increase battery life, but also use less of your data, is to turn them off and connect to a wireless network when there is one available. Many customers prefer to order both an Israel mobile hotspot in addition to their Israel SIM, in order to increase their Israel cell phone battery life.

2. Dim the screen:

The brighter your screen is, the more battery your phone is going to use. Set the brightness of your phone’s screen to a level where you can comfortably see it. Most phones have a feature that will automatically set your phone to the optimal brightness level.

3. Don’t put your cell phone on vibrate:

The vibrate mode on your phone actually uses more battery than your ringtone. If you aren’t in a situation where you can’t have your ringtone on, let the phone ring.

4 . Shorten the screen timeout:

The less time your phone is active when you are not interacting with it, the better. Set your screen timeout to as little time as possible and you will see an increase in your cell phone battery life.

5. Turn your phone off when not in use:

Israel National Park. Bell caves of Beit Guvrin. Picturesque clay arches illuminated by the sun from the hole at the top and side entrances - nesmobile

Bell caves of Beit Guvrin

This might sound like a no-brainier but when your phone is off, it won’t consume any cell phone battery life. You don’t need to be checking Twitter every five minutes anyw
ay. This is particularly true when you go to underground tunnels in Israel like the Kotel tunnels, Beit Guvrin Caves or City of David. When your phone cannot reach a signal, your phone works even harder to reach a signal and drains more of your battery in the process.

6. Make sure you close out of your apps when you are done with them:

Being able to use multiple apps at the same time is a handy feature of smartphones, but it is easy to keep the app running, even when not in use. This is sure to drain your cell phone battery. Make sure to close out of all your apps when you are done with them.

7. Minimize notifications:

Smartphones have the ability to update you on emails, sports scores, social medial alerts, news, and much more. But the more your phone updates you, the harder it works, and the harder it works, the more cell phone battery it will use. Set your phone up to give you only the notifications you really need.

8. Push your email:

Instead of having your phone constantly checking for email, set your phone to only do so every so often.

9. Keep your phone cool:

Judean desert in Israel at sunset- NES mobile

Judean desert in Israel at sunset

Your battery works best in cooler temperatures. Whether you’re hiking in Israel or on hanging out on the beach, keep your phone out of direct sunlight or anywhere that is hot.

10. Limit your bandwidth use:

Streaming videos and music use a lot bandwidth, and the more bandwidth you use, the more toll it is going to play on your battery life. One tip to use less bandwidth, is to store your music and video on your phone instead of constantly streaming it. Another way to decrease bandwidth uses is to set your apps to only automatically update when connected to a wireless network.

11. Don’t overcharge*:

Charging your phone too often is hard on the cell phone battery. The best way to charge your phone is to wait till the battery life is 10 percent or less, and then charge it until completely charged. This will keep you from having to charge your battery too often. *NOTE – Different cell phone models have different recommendations, so you should consult your manufacturer’s guidelines.

12. Install an ad blocker:

If you spend a lot of time on the web, advertisements use resources, and resources use battery. So the fewer ads your phone is able to load, the better.

13. Turn off location and GPS:

Constantly tracking your location keeps your phone active at all times. The less your phone is active, the less battery it will use.

Two more tips to help your cell phone battery:

Hopefully after reading this article, you are more knowledgeable about how your phone’s battery works, are more aware of what you are doing to limit the battery life on your phon

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e, and can make the changes necessary to allow you to use your smartphone more efficiently through the day. Here are two more tips:

  1. Many smartphones can now give you a full accounting of what functions are using the most battery life on your phone. Use this feature to do an audit of where you are wasting the most battery life, and change your phone use habits based on the find.
  2.  Another option is to get a spare power bank or battery, just in case.

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