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Ice City, Jerusalem

ice-cityTake a Ride Around the World

The weather hasn’t decided yet what season we’re in, but if you love winter wonderlands, Israel and fun, you’re in luck!

Jerusalem is hosting Ir HaKerach- “Ice City”- for the second year. Back by popular demand, the exhibit opened on February 20th and will remain open to the public until April 30th- a great activity for chol hamoed Pesach, or any day.

Created by a group of expert ice artisans brought in from China, the beautiful ice sculptures will transport you from the Far East to under the sea to the Age of Dinosaurs! With slides, gentle music and even an ice maze, this exhibit is an excellent place to bring kids of all ages (there’s even a bar made of ice for the kids over 18). Before or after you explore, you can go ice skating or see an amazing show performed by a troupe of more than 20 acrobats and dancers on ice.

If you’re interested in only one part of Ir HaKerach, you can purchase admission to each separately or buy a bundled admission for all three.

Whichever you choose, make sure you dress warmly!

More info and how to purchase tickets in advance can be found here:

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Free Pesach Activities 2013

Pesach in Israel

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Bank HaPoalim sponsors free activities all around Israel every Pesach. They are continuing the tradition this year as well. Tourist Israel has translated the list of free sites for 2013 into English.

Remember that when visiting these sites it is best to come early (preferably at opening time), before the crowds show up. Some sites become so crowded that they stop letting people in. Try visiting some of the lesser-known and out-of-the-way sites to avoid the crowds.

There are also many free hikes, forests and parks if the weather is nice. Malls often offer free shows and festivals, but remember: a trip to the mall is never free! You always ended up buying something…

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What’s Up with the Weather in Israel?

Weather in Israel, JaffaYou may have heard that the  organizers of the Tel Aviv Marathon have announced the race will start half an hour earlier due to the expectation of a major heat wave.  But wait… isn’t it the middle of the winter?

Winter in Israel is pretty unpredictable. It can be hot one day, cold the next and raining on the one after that. (Summer weather is much simpler; it’s always hot and sunny.) Days may start out cool, be hot midday and cool off again in the evening. The trick to dealing with weather in Israel is dressing in layers that can easily be removed and put on again. You’ll also need somewhere to store the layers of clothing you aren’t wearing, like a backpack or the trunk of a car.

It’s important to note that even a cold day can be very sunny. If you plan to be outdoors for an extended period, such as on a walking tour or hike, sunscreen should be your best friend. Always carry water with you since dehydration is easy to come by in Israel.

Above all, take advantage of these sunny days. Hang out at the beach, go on a water hike, spend some time in a park. Walk around Israel’s city streets and soak up the atmosphere as well as the sun. Take a break at a sidewalk cafe or visit an open market. Enjoy the summer weather before winter comes back!

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