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Summer in Israel

Summer in IsraelAlthough winter weather has lingered for longer than usual this year, it appears that summer is finally on its way to Israel. Summertime is a favorite time of year to visit, so we have compiled some ideas to keep you occupied on hot sunny days:

  • Beaches – A long summer day at the beach is the stuff that childhood memories are made of. A number of Israel’s cities are situated on the Mediterranean – Tel Aviv, Ashkelon and Netanya to name a few. Some beaches are free, others charge admission and still others charge only for parking. When choosing a beach, make sure there is a lifeguard on duty. Official beaches will have lifeguards in the summer, as well as bathrooms, changing rooms, showers (sometimes) and a snack bar. Chairs and umbrellas may be available for rent.
  • Water parks – Israel has a whole bunch of water parks, like Meymadion, Shefayim and Ashkeluna. It also has theme parks which combine water activities and other amusements. Nachshonit has bumper cars and trampolines in addition to water slides and pools. Chofetz Chaim has separate swimming for men and women, with other activities such as a mini-zoo.
  • Kiftzuba – Located in the Jerusalem hills, Kiftzuba is a fun park for kids. It has a small zoo, indoor play area, trampolines and bumper cars. The indoor area is air conditioned and offers activities for kids of all ages. The trampoline area is covered and shady, but the zoo does require going out into the sun.
  • Museums – On days where it’s just too hot to be outside, consider visiting a museum. In one of our winter posts, we listed some Indoor Activities in Jerusalem. Tel Aviv is also rich in museums, including the Museum of the Jewish People, Eretz Israel Museum and the Tel Aviv Museum of Art. A visit to the Herod exhibit at the Israel Museum is not to be missed.
  • Forests – Stay cool by standing under the trees. The Jerusalem Forest is the perfect place for a picnic and Jerusalem’s Gilo park is shaded and cool. Tel Aviv is not much for forests, but traveling north can cool you down. Temperatures in the Golan are much lower than in the center of the country, and you can even visit a deer park.
  • Ice skating – If you go as far north as Metullah, the Canada Center combines ice skating, swimming, bowling and a spa. Spend a full day jumping from one activity to the next.

Please remember that Israel’s sun is very hot. When spending time outdoors, don’t forget sunscreen and LOTS of water.

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