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Planning a Trip to Eilat

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When cooler weather sets in, a trip to Eilat is a great way to warm up. Eilat is Israel’s premiere resort town with lots of exciting things to do and see.

Since Eilat is far away from everywhere (whether you fly or drive), it’s a good idea to allocate at least 4 days for your trip. The city is fairly small so all hotels are near the local attractions. You may want to stay at a hotel with a private beach.

The beach in Eilat is something special, since the Red Sea is full of colorful tropical fish and other sea creatures. Beware of sea urchins, as they can be painful to step on. Beach-related activities include swimming with dolphins (not for young children) and the aquarium, with a clear-bottomed boat ride, 3D show and beautiful fish tanks.

Indoor activities in Eilat include the IMAX theater, which shows movies in 3D, and Kings City, a mini-amusement park. Kings City is appropriate for elementary school-aged kids and offers various types of entertainment including a water ride with a flume a the end.

Attractions in Eilat are generally expensive, but one way to save money is to hold off on your shopping till you get to the city. Prices in Eilat don’t include VAT so you can pick up some discounted items in the local stores and malls.

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Chanukah in Israel

Dead Sea

What is there to do in Israel in the winter? If you are spending Chanukah in Israel, you will enjoy many of Israel’s indoor activities, especially the country’s many museums. But what about some outdoor activities which are appropriate for the colder weather?

We’ve compiled some ideas for you:

  • Head south – The Negev is pretty warm, even in the winter. Visit the Ramon Crater or the Beersheva Zoo. Or even travel as far south as Eilat, where you can swim with dolphins, see tropical Red Sea fish at the aquarium and hike in the desert.
  • Go east – The Jordan Valley and the Dead Sea area are also beautiful in the cooler months. Visit the Beit Shean National Park, with its amphitheater and ancient town. Go boating or swimming at the Kinneret. Head to the Dead Sea for some pampering spa treatments or just float in the water you can’t sink in.
  • Travel north – The Hermon is a great place to visit in the winter. Israel’s highest mountain and only ski resort will briefly make you forget what country you are in. Even if snow hasn’t fallen yet and the ski season hasn’t begun, Mount Hermon is worth visiting. Race down the mountain in extreme sleds or ride the cable car up and down.
  • How about west? – The coastal region is always warmer than Jerusalem and its surrounding hills. Tel Aviv’s port and Jaffa’s Old City make for a pleasant afternoon of strolling, shopping and eating.

Where would you recommend hanging out in Israel in the winter? Let us know.

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