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Israeli SIM Card Samsung and Nexus

Israeli SIM cardsYou no longer have to rent a basic phone when you come to Israel. All you need to do is bring your Galaxy, Nexus or any other Smartphone and insert an Israeli SIM into the cell phone. We created these short tutorials and added some demonstration videos to show you how easy and simple it is to bring your own Smartphone to Israel and how to simply insert an Israeli SIM card into your existing Android phone. For instructions on how to insert an Israel SIM card to an iPhone click here.

Israeli SIM Card for Samsung & Nexus Cellphones

Before ordering an Israeli SIM card from NES Mobile, please verify that your cell phone is unlocked and can accept a foreign SIM card. Here are some simple Tutorial videos demonstrating how to replace SIM cards in the various Samsung Galaxy phones as well as various Nexus models.  These steps should only be done once you arrive in Israel.

Samsung Galaxy S5

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Samsung Galaxy s4

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Google Nexus 4 (LG)

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There are Five Easy Steps to Replace the SIM Card

  1. Open the back cover: Different models have different ways to remove the back cover of the phone.
  2. Remove the battery: In most cases, you will need to remove the battery in order to access the SIM card slot.
  3. Replace the SIM card: Gently remove the existing SIM card from the slot and replace it with the Israeli SIM card you received from NES Mobile. Be sure to match the gold contact of the SIM card to the contacts in the SIM card slot. Hint: There’s only one way to align the shape of the SIM card correctly.
  4. Place the battery back into position, be sure to match the gold contacts to those on the device.
  5. Place the back cover of the device.

Optional – 9 out of 10 times the above five steps are enough, but at times you may also need to change the data APN settings. You can easily set it up by following the link with instructions on how to set the Data APN settings on an Android phone.

About NES Mobile

NES Mobile is a mobile provider of cellular services for tourists visiting Israel. NES Mobile provides Israeli SIM cards for all phone models with unlimited call and data packages.

USA Delivery: We can deliver your NES Mobile Israeli SIM card to your home or office in the USA prior to your departure.

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Israel SIM Card with iPhone

In the past, many travelers to Israel simply rented a basic Israeli cell phone for their local needs. These days, travelers to Israel bring their own iPhone to Israel and simply replace their USA SIM with an Israel SIM card. For Android phones click here. 

iPhone – How to Insert an Israel SIM Card 

iPhone in Israel with an Israel SIM cardIsrael SIM cardsBefore ordering the Israel SIM card from NES Mobile, please verify that your phone is unlocked and can accept a foreign SIM card. You can read more about unlocked phones on our Israel SIM page.

  1. Tool – Use the SIM card eject tool from Apple (or a simple small paper clip will do). Locate the tiny hole for the SIM card tray (on the side of the iPhone 4 and on top of the iPhone 5).
  2. Open the SIM Tray – Put the narrow end of the clip into the hole and push it down gently, but firmly – until the little SIM tray pops out.
  3. Replace the SIM – Gently remove the SIM card from the plastic cradle and insert the NES Mobile Israel SIM card in its place.

Changing SIM for iPhone 5

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Changing SIM for iPhone 4

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Data Settings for iPhone with NES Mobile Israel SIM

These steps should only be done once you arrive in Israel. 9 out of 10 times, the above 3 steps are enough, but at times, you may also need to change the data settings. For more information on changing the iPhone data APN setting for an Israeli SIM from NES Mobile.

Why Order an Israeli SIM from NES Mobile?

Tourists to Israel are often shocked by roaming fees from major mobile operators in the USA as well as other countries. However, tourists to Israel can avoid such charges and bring their own iPhone or Android phone and use it in Israel. Customers only need to obtain a local Israeli SIM card from NES Mobile and save hundreds of dollars.

Tips for Flying to Israel with a Mobile phone:

  1. Plan ahead: Call and data rates without a local Israeli SIM card can be quite expensive.
  2. Have the Israel SIM card delivered to your home or office in the USA before your trip. Keep in mind that very few Israeli cell providers accept international credit cards and even fewer provide USA delivery ahead of your trip.
  3. Verify rates: Rates may vary. Be sure to look at the fine print. It is recommended to verify and review suppliers’ terms and check for any hidden costs. Find out what’s included in the package, and more importantly, what’s not. Read more about Israel phone rental packages and tips.
  4. Quality of local network – Check if the locations you’re planning to visit have a wireless network in the area. Note that some providers provide unlimited data but after a certain amount of usage there’s a slowdown of traffic speed.
  5. Students can obtain long-term unlimited Israeli SIM plans that are cheaper than local daily plans for tourists.

About Nes Mobile

NES Mobile is a leading cell provider for visitors to Israel. NES Mobile offers unlimited packages for Israeli SIM cards for all phone models, as well as Israeli phone rentals and Mifi pocket hotspot rentals.

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