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All our NES Mobile Israel SIM cards work the same way, they just come in different sizes. Your smart phone, iPad or tablet is designed to take one particular sized SIM, therefore, it’s important to make sure to order the right size Israeli SIM for your specific device. There are currently three types of SIM cards: A Regular size SIM (aka – Full Size SIM), a Micro SIM, and a Nano SIM. So, before you order your Israel SIM card plan from NES Mobile, make sure you order the right size Israel SIM card.

Israel SIM Card sizes - Regular, Micro and Nano

Israel SIM Card sizes – Regular, Micro and Nano

Using the Correct Israel SIM Card Size

These are a few ways to find out which Israel SIM card size you need for your device:

  • Take a look at the product user guide manual for your device.
  • Call your provider to make sure that your phone is unlocked and ask for your Israel SIM card size.
  • If your device isn’t listed, simply size up the SIM tray against the SIM.
  • If you’re still unsure what you need, check out the guide below.
  • If you’re still unsure please check with your device manufacturer or provider, to avoid damaging the device with the wrong SIM.

General Guide to Which Israel SIM Size my Device Takes?

Here’s a guide for some of the more popular devices and the SIM cards sizes they require in order to work. PLEASE NOTE: This is just a suggestion guide, models do vary at times and it is solely the customer’s responsibility to order the correct Israeli SIM card.



iPhone 3GS Regular SIM
iPhone 4 Micro SIM
iPhone 4S Micro SIM
iPhone 5 Nano SIM
iPhone 5C Nano SIM
iPhone 5S Nano SIM
iPhone 6 Nano SIM
iPhone 6 Plus Nano SIM
iPad with Retina Display (3rd gen) Micro SIM
iPad 4 Micro SIM
iPad Air Nano SIM
iPad Air 2 Nano SIM



8X Micro SIM
Desire 310 Regular SIM
Desire 320 Micro SIM
Desire 601 Micro SIM
One M7 Micro SIM
One M8 Nano SIM
One M8s Nano SIM
One M9 Nano SIM
One SV Micro SIM
One X Micro SIM



Ascend G6 Micro SIM
Ascend Mate 7 Micro SIM
G300 / G300+ Regular SIM



G3 Micro SIM
Spirit Micro SIM



208 Micro SIM
Lumia 630 Micro SIM
Lumia 640 XL Micro SIM
Lumia 735 Micro SIM
Lumia 925 Micro SIM
Lumia 930 Nano SIM
Lumia 1320 Micro SIM



Ace Micro SIM
Galaxy A3 Nano SIM
Galaxy A5 Nano SIM
Galaxy Core Prime Micro SIM
Galaxy Express Micro SIM
Galaxy S III Micro SIM
Galaxy S4 Micro SIM
Galaxy S5 Micro SIM
Galaxy S6 / S6 edge Nano SIM
Galaxy Note 4 Micro SIM
Galaxy Note Edge Micro SIM
Galaxy Tab 3 Micro SIM
Galaxy Tab 4 Micro SIM
Galaxy Young Regular SIM
Manhattan Regular SIM
Pocket Neo Micro SIM



Xperia S Micro SIM
Xperia TX Micro SIM
Xperia Z Micro SIM
Xperia Z2 Micro SIM
Xperia Z3 Nano SIM


About NES Mobile

NES Mobile has communication solutions for anyone visiting Israel. NES Mobile offers FREE DELIVERY in the USA, so you can have your Israeli SIM card prior to your departure. NES Mobile offers Israeli SIM card plans for students and long-term rentals, as well as Israeli SIM card plans for tourists.



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