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March of the Living Poland SIM

The International March of the Living program started in 1988. Since then, about 220,000 people from 52 countries all around the world have participated in this educational program, which includes a march of approximately three kilometers from Auschwitz, all the way to Birkenau. There are additional educational programs in Poland and in Israel. The March of the Living has many noble goals, among them is to pay respect to the victims who perished in the Holocaust and to learn the lessons of the Holocaust in order to lead and inspire the Jewish people into the future, vowing Never Again.

auschwitz-992970_640Traveling with their peers and accompanied by guides and Holocaust survivors, participants better comprehend and appreciate the importance of their Jewish identity.

If you’re part of a March of the Living group, you will need a good cellular plan in order to help you stay connected with friends and family at home. NES Mobile offers March of the Living participants mobile solutions, including SIM cards for both Poland and Israel, which can be delivered to you in the USA prior to your trip.

Poland SIM Card for March of the Living

PoloSIM Poland SIM Card offers a choice of plans in order to ensure a smooth trip. There are two data package plans:

    • If you are a light data user, you can go for the 1GB plan which will keep you connected with your emails and social media and offers affordable calling rates.
    • If you are a slightly heavier internet user, opt for the 2GB plan. Using this plan will reduce the chances of needing a recharge during your trip to Poland.
    • With either of the plans you can add credit by buying a top-up card at a local Polish kiosk.
    • This offer helps you utilize the internet data by using apps like WhatsApp, Viber and Skype to call your family or friends back home.
    • All-in-one SIM card – you can fit it into any of your desired handsets or tablets because it comes in Nano, Micro and Standard SIM sizes.

Israel SIM Card & Pocket WiFi for March of the Living

All our Israel Phone & Israel SIM Rentals plans can be seen on our site and you can sign up directly through the link.

4G LTE Network Israel SIM Card from NESMobile

4G LTE Network Israel SIM Card from NESMobile

NES Mobile Pocket WiFi Mobile Hotspot - Unlimited Internet -MiFi

NES Mobile Pocket WiFi Mobile Hotspot – Unlimited Internet in Israel

We offer FREE delivery in the USA – if you order 10 days in advance of your departure. This way you can have your SIM, phone or MiFi before you leave. The next March of the Living commences on the 1st of May 2016, so you’d better start packing! For more info, please see our Shipping Options.

Finally, we do NOT charge deposits and there are no hidden fees. 

Use this link to sign up: Israel Phone & SIM Rental Signup.


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World SIM Card

Do you travel a lot? Business trips? Much deserved personal vacations? Or just plain old wanderlust? We cannot survive without our phones. It’s impossible. It’s arguably one of the most essential items of our daily lives, and there is no alternate. The great thing about cell phones is that they can generally be used worldwide as long as you have cellular reception and/or access to WiFi. But that’s not always possible, or even if there is reception, it may be cost prohibitive. What do you do then? You need a world SIM card that travels with you, one that is as easy to use as adjusting the time on your watch. If you have a world SIM card that travels with you, it automatically works around the world and connects to the local cellular network.

The PoloSIM Explorer World SIM Card caters to your needs

  • It’s prepaid, so you don’t have to think about the heavy costs you may incur due to data roaming– you just pay as you go.World SIM card - PoloSim
  • PoloSIM World SIM card is your single SIM card solution no matter where you intend to travel; it provides coverage in over 190 countries. Since you don’t need a different SIM card for every other country you travel to, purchasing this one SIM card makes it a cost effective, hassle-free, and smart decision overall.
  • Just because it’s global, it does not mean it’s expensive. PoloSIM’s World SIM card call charges start at as low as 15 cents per minute.
  • Next on your agenda is data usage? Taken care of. It may even cost you less than the phone call, since the charges begin at 12 cents per MB. And you can easily choose and subscribe from a wide range of packages specially tailored to meet the needs of a regular traveler.
  • Not all of one’s business (or personal) trips are contained to the land. This one World SIM card holds the power to provide solid connectivity on over 150 cruise ships.

One of the biggest worries of a traveler with a local SIM card is that they have to subscribe to a package that requires them to pay data roaming charges. This adds to their traveling costs. PoloSIM World SIM card features free incoming calls in many locations, so you can receive as many calls as you’d like and you will not be charged extra for it. The SIM card comes with a US$10 credit to get you started. Since the service provides you with an international number along with a USA number, it’s a one-stop solution of sorts.

Pair the World SIM card with a multi-lingual customer service and you have yourself the perfect travel companion. Whichever corner of earth, or water, you’re in, this World SIM card has got you covered.

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Dual SIM Smartphone Reviews

There are so many features we tend to look for in a smartphone nowadays – the latest operating system, the camera quality and the looks. Since many of our NES Mobile clients are international travelers, some prefer to use a Dual SIM smartphone. Using a dual SIM smartphone gives them the option of using a local SIM, like the NES Mobile Israel SIM card, which tends to be cheaper than their local provider’s roaming option, or to use the roaming option in certain cases. Some clients simply use the dual SIM phone to screen through calls and texts and use their NES Mobile Israel SIM to make outbound calls later on.

Customers often ask us which dual SIM phone we recommend, so we ran a short survey among some of our customers and did some online research to try to find the best options out there today. There are so many products out there with the same or similar features, that it’s very easy to make the wrong decision on a whim. Detailed comparisons come in handy for reaching a sensible conclusion. The following comparisons may better help you decide between these dual-SIM phones. These phones are best for people who tend to travel often, as they are compatible with international SIM cards.


Blu Advance 5.0 – Unlocked Dual SIM Smartphone

The BLU advance 5.0 is one of the cheapest dual SIM smartphone options out there, if not the cheapest. We would probably not recommend it as a day to day phone, or for heavy users. However, if you have a phone that is locked and are looking for a cheap, light-usage option to use just when you travel, this may be a good choice.

It has a bright metallic front and an eye-catching design. Its leather pattern has a nice finish, while its battery cover gives you a flexible and handy grip.


  • The display is backed with Infinite View Technology (IPS) to assure great angles display. Its 5 inch screen enables you to watch movies and videos on your phone without having to squint.
  • There are no international band restrictions and the set works perfectly worldwide.YOU DIDN’T RELATE TO MY COMMENT ON THIS.
  • It supports micro AND regular SIM cards, so you don’t have to get your old SIM modified (unless of course you have a NANO SIM).
  • The functionality of the phone is rather smooth – the calls, texting and all the other apps work well overall. This Dual SIM phone can perform multiple tasks, super smoothly as it’s powered by a 1.3GHz Quad-core processor. This robust power allows you to use the device with heavier, power-hungry apps. You can easily use any high graphic contents or heavy office docs with ease.


  • The internal storage is limited, so you will have to keep it clean and updated – which means a whole lot of rebooting. Some malfunctioning is reported during calls such as call drops and interruptions in voice.
  • Despite this, the phone has a wide screen but you cannot see the icons and other stuff properly in bright sunlight.
  • There is no default picture messaging option.
  • Even though the set is sleek in design, it’s very lightweight, and can feel hollow.
  • The battery life is not compatible for long hours of heavy usage.

Honor 5X Unlocked Dual SIM Smartphone

Huawei Honor 5x is considered one of the leading options for dual SIM smartphones. It is ranked highly for the future of smartphones because of its functionality and its capability to handle two SIMs at a time. It is backed with advanced fingerprint sensors which assures a good level of security. This phone could be used as your regular phone, both in the USA and when you travel abroad and need to use international SIM cards.

The external looks are impressive and you have the option to choose from multiple color variants, available in ergonomic, diamond polished and aircraft-aluminum.


  • Has external storage capacity of up to 128 GB.
  • The design is ultra-sleek due to the metal (aluminum) finish.
  • Speedy fingerprint reader that works well – within 0.5 seconds.
  • It features a 2GB RAM, which ensures smooth functionality without any lags.
  • Supports micro and nano SIM cards. Fully powered with 4G SIM (LTE) slots that are a combination of micro and nano SIMs. With a microSD card, you can get up to 128 GB storage space.
  • The beautiful HD screen is 5.5 inches wide and easily watchable in sunlight. The display is 1080p, and the 64-bit Octa-core processor runs HD movies seamlessly.
  • A sharp 13MP camera captures high-res photos and has a variety of photo and video filters.


  • Despite its 64-bit processor, it does not support live wallpapers well.
  • Google Pay is unusable because the phone lacks an NFC chip.
  • Glitches while unmounting the micro-SD card.
  • You can’t turn the camera shutter sound off.
  • The battery may last you all day, but it takes a long while to charge, since it does not have quick charge support.
  • You may also face some issues with the EMUI widget.

Samsung Galaxy S6 SM Dual SIM Smartphone

Samsung Galaxy S6 dual SIM Smartphone provides outstanding performance and is available in a slim & sleek frame and multiple colors.

This phone is smartly decorated with special glass that is known as “Protective Corning Gorilla Glass 4”.


  • This powerful phone is powered by a whopping 64-bit octa-core processor for a fast and robust performance. Compatible with international SIMs without causing any lags or issues.
  • The beautifully crafted 5.1 inch multi-touch screen with the AMOLED feature, makes this device a powerful palm-based machine.
  • Your data is secured inside the device under the protection of an advanced security system and fingerprint sensors.
  • Incredible battery time.
  • Wireless charging.
  • Works well with international 4G networks.


  • The LTE feature is not supported on both SIM cards.
  • Requires Android App support for quite a few actions.
  • A few lagging glitches when switching from SIM 1 to SIM 2, and vice versa.
  • There is no user-replaceable battery. A step down from the usual removable battery.

Motorola Moto G (3rd Generation) Dual SIM Smartphone

The only dual SIM Smartphone in our list with water resistant technology, Motorola Moto G is one of the most used phones in the market today.


  • Motorola Moto G is powered with a speedy quad core processor with outstanding battery life.
  • Motorola Moto G comes with 13 MP dual lens camera with built-in color balancing features. The 13MP camera has the capability to capture proficiently in broad daylight.
  • A wide variety of display customizations.
  • The built in memory is only 16 GB, which we think is not bad for a dual sim phone, but you can expand the memory with a micro-SD card.


  • The camera’s focus works better manually rather than automatically.
  • No NFC support.
  • Usage of a SIM-tray adapter makes the contacts susceptible to being misplaced.
  • Crashes after a certain period of heavy usage and overheats.


Having a dual SIM phone enables travelers, tourists and businessmen to save money on roaming costs, without the hassle of switching the SIM cards. It eliminates the process of replacing SIM cards every time you board a plane! Simply keep your world travel SIM card in your phone with your regular SIM.

About NES Mobile

NES Mobile is a leading provider of cellular solutions for visitors to Israel. NES Mobile offers 4G LTE Israel SIM cards for tourists, as well as Israel Pocket Wi-Fi with unlimited data for tourists and students.

NES Mobile offers FREE deliveries across the USA & Israel. For more information please visit

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