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We’ve all been there. It’s only half-way through the day when you look down at your smartphone and realize that you have used most of your cell phone battery life. It doesn’t have to be that way though. This article will give you some tips on how to increase the life of your cell phone battery, particularly for those traveling the world using NES Mobile Israel SIM, or other International SIM cards.

13 Ways to Increase Your Cell Phone Battery Life

1. Connect to Wi-Fi:

Israel-pocket-wif-iMifi-Unlimited-Internet-NES-Mobile-comp4G and Bluetooth are data hogs. One way to not only increase battery life, but also use less of your data, is to turn them off and connect to a wireless network when there is one available. Many customers prefer to order both an Israel mobile hotspot in addition to their Israel SIM, in order to increase their Israel cell phone battery life.

2. Dim the screen:

The brighter your screen is, the more battery your phone is going to use. Set the brightness of your phone’s screen to a level where you can comfortably see it. Most phones have a feature that will automatically set your phone to the optimal brightness level.

3. Don’t put your cell phone on vibrate:

The vibrate mode on your phone actually uses more battery than your ringtone. If you aren’t in a situation where you can’t have your ringtone on, let the phone ring.

4 . Shorten the screen timeout:

The less time your phone is active when you are not interacting with it, the better. Set your screen timeout to as little time as possible and you will see an increase in your cell phone battery life.

5. Turn your phone off when not in use:

Israel National Park. Bell caves of Beit Guvrin. Picturesque clay arches illuminated by the sun from the hole at the top and side entrances - nesmobile

Bell caves of Beit Guvrin

This might sound like a no-brainier but when your phone is off, it won’t consume any cell phone battery life. You don’t need to be checking Twitter every five minutes anyw
ay. This is particularly true when you go to underground tunnels in Israel like the Kotel tunnels, Beit Guvrin Caves or City of David. When your phone cannot reach a signal, your phone works even harder to reach a signal and drains more of your battery in the process.

6. Make sure you close out of your apps when you are done with them:

Being able to use multiple apps at the same time is a handy feature of smartphones, but it is easy to keep the app running, even when not in use. This is sure to drain your cell phone battery. Make sure to close out of all your apps when you are done with them.

7. Minimize notifications:

Smartphones have the ability to update you on emails, sports scores, social medial alerts, news, and much more. But the more your phone updates you, the harder it works, and the harder it works, the more cell phone battery it will use. Set your phone up to give you only the notifications you really need.

8. Push your email:

Instead of having your phone constantly checking for email, set your phone to only do so every so often.

9. Keep your phone cool:

Judean desert in Israel at sunset- NES mobile

Judean desert in Israel at sunset

Your battery works best in cooler temperatures. Whether you’re hiking in Israel or on hanging out on the beach, keep your phone out of direct sunlight or anywhere that is hot.

10. Limit your bandwidth use:

Streaming videos and music use a lot bandwidth, and the more bandwidth you use, the more toll it is going to play on your battery life. One tip to use less bandwidth, is to store your music and video on your phone instead of constantly streaming it. Another way to decrease bandwidth uses is to set your apps to only automatically update when connected to a wireless network.

11. Don’t overcharge*:

Charging your phone too often is hard on the cell phone battery. The best way to charge your phone is to wait till the battery life is 10 percent or less, and then charge it until completely charged. This will keep you from having to charge your battery too often. *NOTE – Different cell phone models have different recommendations, so you should consult your manufacturer’s guidelines.

12. Install an ad blocker:

If you spend a lot of time on the web, advertisements use resources, and resources use battery. So the fewer ads your phone is able to load, the better.

13. Turn off location and GPS:

Constantly tracking your location keeps your phone active at all times. The less your phone is active, the less battery it will use.

Two more tips to help your cell phone battery:

Hopefully after reading this article, you are more knowledgeable about how your phone’s battery works, are more aware of what you are doing to limit the battery life on your phon

Israeli SIM Card - NES Mobile

Israel SIM Card

e, and can make the changes necessary to allow you to use your smartphone more efficiently through the day. Here are two more tips:

  1. Many smartphones can now give you a full accounting of what functions are using the most battery life on your phone. Use this feature to do an audit of where you are wasting the most battery life, and change your phone use habits based on the find.
  2.  Another option is to get a spare power bank or battery, just in case.

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